Size 42 x 10 in
Coupling Weight 51.00 lbs
Width 42 5/8 in
Height 11 3/4 in
Weight 117.0 lbs
The Composite Manhole is manufactured with a lightweight composite cover, which is stronger than steel at less than 25% of the weight. The composite cover is constructed of environmentally safe materials, which are not permeable or weakened if exposed to hydro carbons. The composite materials are non-conductive to electrical currents and do not develop and/or hold electrical charges. The manhole also features a 1 1/2" wide steel ring frame, an easy grip recessed handle on the cover, 14 gauge galvanized steel skirt and carries the H-20 load rating. The Model 136WT is also a rain tight manhole, which includes four 1/2" flush mount stainless steel bolts and Buna-N gasket.