Heron's top selling water level meter, #1 for accuracy, reliability and value. The dipper-T water level meter has been designed to provide a long and reliable service life; we back up our claims with a 5-year warranty. Accuracy begins with a top quality, heavy duty tape. Each tape is tested by the manufacturer to ensure compliance with appropriate ASME standards. These tough tapes have a breaking load of over 300lbs (150 kilos). The tape is made from high tensile steel, ensuring resistance to stretching even at abnormal loads.

Everything on the unit from the ergonomic vinyl carry handle to the easy clean, full depth sstainless steel probe has been carefully designed to give you the very best water level meter. And yes, this is a precision instrument, and as such each unit includes a sturdy padded nylon carrying bag.

  • Easy to read accurate (ASME Standard) heavy duty polyethylene jacketed tape with stainless steel conductors.
  • All tape scales are printed beneath the jacketing ensuring long life and readability
  • Full depth, easy clean stainless steel and Teflon probe
  • Strong, flexible link attaches cascade-proof 5/8 inch (16mm) diameter probe to the tape, providing tape protection at this vital junction (optional 3/8 inch diameter probe available upon request. NOT submersible.)
  • Water and dusst proof encapsulated electronics on a removable front panel that houses the single 9V battery drawer, audible and light signal, sensitivity control and circuit test button
  • durable UV and high impact resistant engineered plastic reel with all stainless steel fittings
  • "Third Hand" feature on casing allows unit to be suspended on well while test results are recorded
  • Polyester coated steel frame with a comfortable ergonomic vinyl grip and large convenient reel lock.
  • The standard tapes are marked in feet and 100th/ft or meters and mm
  • Tape lengths available: 50ft, 100ft, 150ft and 200ft to 2500ft in steps of 100ft (15m, 30m, 50m, 100m, thereafter in 50m increments)
  • Intermediate lengths are to special order
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Carrying bag and tape guide included

Note: 400ft (150m) and longer models have polyester coated aluminum reels for lightness

The Heron Mega Reel is now a standard feature on any Heron tapes 1500ft (450m) and over. The Mega Reel makes carrying these longer tape lengths easier while allowing for positioning of the Mega Reel on truck tailgates on the ground.

Specifications (For tape lengths to 300 ft / 100 m)

  • Reel Weight: 5 lbs (2Kgs)
  • Tape per 100ft (30m): 1.0 lb (0.45 kgs)
  • Height: 13.5 in (340 mm)
  • Width: 10in (250mm)
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