• Detects and measures LNAPL and DNAPL
  • Certified instrinsically safe (CSA & ANSI/UL)
  • Slim 5/8 inch (13mm) field replaceable stainless steel probe - probe has a non-removable 3/4 inch protector fitted as standard (If 5/8 inch dimaeter probe is required please specify when ordering)
  • Able to measure product layer as thin as 1/200ft (1mm)
  • Easy to read accurate (ASME Standard) heavy duty Kynar Jacketed tape with stainless steel conductors - Graduation 1/100ft (1mm)
  • Standard tapes are printed beneath the jacketing - the print never wears off
  • Unique flexible link between tape and probe designed to protect the tape. Should the probe become "hung up" in the well, the link will break saving the costly tape by sacrificing the replaceable probe.
  • Tape length 60ft (20m)
  • Small, light-weight, low-cost quality meter for use in shallower wells.
  • Powered by easy change single 9 Volt Battery
  • Includes tough nylon carry bag and a comprehensive cleaning kit
  • Probe holder/tape guide included
  • 5 year limited warranty - 1 year warranty on replaceable probe

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